The Gordon Setter and Us.

Here is a presentation of the de la Grippelotte’s pack. In a few words, here is our story with this “gentleman”, the Gordon Setter.

Cixie of the Rocky Road (aka Jodie) became part of our family after our beloved Labrador, Zoe, died in 2003. She is the origin of our passion for the Gordon and of a new direction in our life. It is difficult to describe how wonderful a companion Jodie is. In 2006, she became a wonderful mother to 10 puppies and we kept a boy: Frodo de la Grippelotte.

Frodo de la Grippelotte marks a second turning in our Gordon path : my wife wanted to see what one of our puppies was worth in a conformation show. Frodo got excellent results and we contracted the dog show virus. Later on, we decided that Frodo should use his abilities as a hunting dog. To this effect, we joined the United Gordon Club, a training club for gundog that respects their personality, teaches them obedience and how to work the field.

Loona, her pedigree name is “Carpediem Pagen Remember Me", comes from England and has been sharing our life since October 2009. She is to be Frodo’s partner, a mother to Frodo de la Grippelotte’s puppies, ensuring this way the lineage of our Jodie.

Year after year, our passion has increased :

- Our dogs live under our roof and share our daily life and hobbies (holidays, walks and meetings with different dogs or people…)
- Our dogs are being trained at the United Gundog Club.
- They work on their abilities as gundog at the U.G.C and also during tester days organised by the Belgian Gordon Setter Club or the Irish Setter Club de Belgique.
- We follow with them ringcraft classes in order to improve their performance in conformation shows.
- We take part in several activities such as walks and meetings organised by the Gordon Club de Belgique, by the Reunion des Amateurs de Setters Gordon in France, by friends and acquaintances.

Dominique and Véronique Moinil