Our portrait of the Gordon Setter

Here is a presentation of the Gordon Setter :

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General presentation

The Gordon Setter originates from Scotland, he is a strong dog and his beautiful build is highlighted by his red and tan coat. It is an elegant dog, built for running. For more information on the FCI standard, please refer to the FCI website : www.fci.be.


The name comes from Alexander, fourth Duke of Gordon who, in the 18th century, decided to create a new line of strong dogs in his Aberdeen kennels. He wanted to breed gundogs that would be able to hunt birds difficult to reach such as the grouse.

20 Frodo

Family dog

The Gordon setter likes being around his human family and is very affectionate towards all family members. A “good” Gordon should be loyal, loving and biddable. He is very good around children and other dogs. It is a social dog, emotionally well-balanced who can sometimes be distant with strangers. On the other hand, his owner’s friends are hisfriends.
Training a Gordon as a pet is relatively straightforward, as long as the owner is patient and firm. A Gordon can adapt easily to different circumstances: on the one hand, calm at home and enjoying a stroll in town ; on the other hand, energetic and tireless in the field.

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Hunting dog

His strenght and powerful build enable the Gordon to work in a variety of fields. The quality of his nose are recognised and appreciated by hunters. It is a dog who can also be used for different game (woodcocks, snipes, partridges, pheasans...) Generally, the Gordon is a good student, trainers consider this breed to bebiddable and obedient. A Gordon respects a firm and enthusiastic owner who can patiently communicate with his dog.

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